‘Powerful, human and exhilarating’

‘The audience was astounded and enthralled by the power and beauty of the sound they created’
– CPSI International Creativity Conference, Buffalo, USA

What is a “mass sing”?

Imagine if you will, the sound of thousands of people singing together making a unified sound within minutes – this is known as Mass Sing; a union of voices working in the same format as a performance.

Juliet Russell leads the audience as a whole to create a huge, upbeat vocal sound using simple phonetics. Such a technique makes it accessible to all cultures, creating a real surge of energy.  The very nature of a mass sing is infectious, world harmonies developed in just a few short minutes and are layered with an undercurrent of strong, evocative rhythms.

The event lasts between 30 and 45 minutes and works between 200 – 5,000 participants.

‘Accessible to all voices regardless of language or ability – beautiful’
– The Big Green Festival

Juliet Russell has used mass performance in many community projects, festivals and conferences all over Europe, USA and the UK creating a high calibre upbeat sound.


‘There is simply nothing like it on the festival or community arts scene’
– ZAP Productions, Brighton International Arts Festival, UK

Through workshops and rehearsals, a smaller group of people can become performers resulting in a stand-alone choir performance or incorporated into a mass performance.

A scratch choir is a powerful tool in bringing together diverse groups in exciting collaborations culminating in a staged performance accompanied by professional musicians as part of the event.

The project will be tailored to suit each individual group and situation – between two and four rehearsals are normally required. Other musical accompaniment e.g. a brass or string section can be added.

‘From the first moment she greets the crowd, there is an openness and wry humour that puts all at ease, both on stage and off. The empowering exchange has a memorable and long lasting impact on people from of all walks of life’ – Main Stage Producer, Dumbo Arts Festival, New York City

For more information please email: vocalexplosionchoir@gmail.com
or phone: 0044 (0)7972 485 619